Training for Electrical and Structural Engineer

Training for Electrical and Structural Engineer

Technical Training at Royal Orchid on 31st Jan ’19 to 2nd Feb ’19



The course content for Electrical Training is as below

  • History & Evolution of Numerical Relays, Relaying Philosophy
  • Faults & Abnormalities in a power system, PU Systems & Fault Calculation Basics
  • Current Transformers & Potential Transformers
  • Feeder Over Current and Earth Fault Protection
  • Transformer Protection.
  • Motor Protection.
  • Generator Protection.
  • Bus-zone Protection.
  • Line Protection.
  • Development of IEC 61850 Protocol and basics
  • Operation and Maintenance of relays
  • Secondary Injection & Testing
  • Workshop using ETAP for Plotting O/C & Earth Faults



The course content for Structural Training is as below


  • Review of Civil / Structure Drawings & Review of Calculation Reports
  • Requirements of Various Inputs from different Disciplines & different Vendors
  • Interference Issues with other Disciplines

Industrial Steel Structures

  • Concepts of Shear Connection and Moment Connection, Fixed and Pinned Supports
  • Types and location of Vertical Bracing & Plan Bracings along with Direction, Distance, and Behaviour
  • Column Orientation with respect to Shear/Moment Connections, with respect to Bracings, Support Fixidity, Load Directions, Number of Beams
  • 3D force Transfer Mechanism for Bridges, Pipe racks, Sheds, Technological Structures
  • Short cuts to calculate Value of forces in Truss members
  • Design of Crane Girder, Surge Girder & Monorail along with Load calculations and relative load combinations
  • Critical Design Parameters for Softwares
  • Design of Base Plate and Anchor Bolts

 Industrial RCC Structures

  • Use of Tang Chart for footing having Loss of Contact
  • Moody’s Chart (Panel Analysis – used in Base plates, Pit walls & Retaining walls)
  • RCC Bracket Designs
  • Ductile Detailing

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